MMX Systems provides a complete, integrated web-based insurance solution for the Short Term Insurance market.

About MMX

MMX Systems was founded in 2011 when the new MMX Insurance System was developed from the ground up, and launched early in 2012. Since then the company and our system have evolved to deliver the most complete, stable and accurate system available for Brokers, Administrators and Underwriting Managers. Hand in hand with the most up to date system, we pride ourselves on the service quality we provide to the industry.


Nola Russell, Brett Cameron and Tony Russell are our three executive directors, with vast experience and qualification in the industry, head up a team of skilled and dedicated staff, creating a successful company with an excellent reputation.


The product we deliver is a unique system and service combination linking you to our hosted outsource system where you have no additional responsibility, or cost, running on your server hardware. All you need is a standard web browser and an internet line to connect to the full functionality of our system, hosted at MMX. The unique design of our system core allows for rapid and flexible customisation of screens and products, providing truly individualised insurance offerings.


We have been approved, and interact, with all the major insurance companies as well as many other stakeholders in the insurance industry, such as Insurers, Underwriting Managers, Administrators, Insurance Brokers, Premium Collection Agencies, Banks, Information Providers, Data Warehousing Suppliers, Product Specialists and other Service Providers.


Security of data is paramount in the storage and accessibility of our client’s information, with “best practice” access, backup and encryption embedded in our system. Backup power supply, offsite disaster recovery and internet line redundancy are used to ensure a continued supply of our service.


Our system’s solid core consists of an integrated policy management, claims administration and financial modules, covering all the functionality required to administer the insurance functions within our client’s offices.


Integration with external rate engines, motor valuation and other industry services have been incorporated as standard features within our system.


Standard flexible reporting and data extract functionality enable integration with our client requirements, in addition to providing individualised bespoke requirements.


Compliance with all legislation is supported within the functionality provided, and continuous upgrades are implemented to keep abreast of changing requirements and trends in the industry.


We provide system training for all our new clients, as part of the take-on process. Any additional training can also be arranged by request. General assistance is also provided during working hours by contacting our helpful support team.


Please contact us to discuss which of our billing models would best suit you. If you have any other specific requirements we have not mentioned previously, we would like to discuss if these are already supported or how best we can accommodate them.

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